Jetski in Førdefjorden

A day on the fjord with jetski is an experience out of the ordinary!

The Yamaha FX Cruiser has a stable and controllable hull that runs nicely in the sea.

In the picture you see Natalie, Elisa and Alex who enjoy themselves at the pier at Solbakken Gård, Flokeneset.


Sandbox by the outside barbecue grill allows the children enjoying themselves while the adults grills fish or meat on the grill.

The crab season has started

The crab grains were filled with mackerel bait and set off on Friday night. We were happy to bed and looked forward to the next morning when we had planned to pull up the crab grains again. The next morning we pulled out and got almost a hippo lip. The teens were full of crabs with about 30 big crabs in each grain. The crabs were cooked and eaten with bread, mayonnaise and lemon during the evening. Fantastic taste and lots of food in the crabs.